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French Language

1. Beginner level:
(a) Basic – A1

The first level is the basic course for a beginner who has never had any prior basic knowledge in French, Students will be introduced to basic vocabulary and grammar along with the practice of basic conversation. The use of everyday expressions & basic phrases.
Introduce him/her Basic ABCD, Counting’s, Basic verbs

(b) Elementary – A2
In Second level, the student ask & answer simple questions & to produce simple sentence. At this level, the learners are able to communicate using basic conversation & dialogues on simple routine. It introduces more grammar concepts & vocabulary.

2. Intermediate level:
(a) Intermediate B1

In this level the students have the ability to link sentences, write short descriptive or factual texts. You will be able to describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, ambitions They can frame their own sentences, can write paragraphs.

(b) Upper Intermediate B2
At this level the student can do the regular interaction in a variety of topics Student’s vocabulary, Grammar, Detailed texts on a wide range of subjects Interact with a fluency that makes regular interaction

3. Advanced level:
(a) Advance C1

The student has the ability to express ideas, write different types of longer texts The student is able to take excellent control of the language and interaction with clear & well-constructed sentences. Mastery of grammar & vocabulary Use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic & professional purpose.

(b) Mater C2
In this level the students spoken and written sources are clear, they can dot the argument in France They can express themselves spontaneously and with the longer sentences, Understand with ease virtually everything heard & read.